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Scientist Using Microscope


Thetis open a new beautiful journey  for you 

The professional nourishing care team condenses the expertise of skin medical authority to clarify the secrets of female skin.

Continuous trial investigations were conducted to thoroughly pay attention to the use and effects, and finally Thetis was successfully created.

Thetis not only cares for women's skin, but also can be used together by men, allowing the skin texture to step into the light step by step,

The meticulous beauty, the better your mood, the younger you are.

The most authoritative dermatologist from Japan, the formulas used for a long time are based on mild anti-allergy,

Deeper research and development of skin care products that are more skin-friendly and enhance the stratum corneum, and developed [Gel Cream Ion]

This technology combines precious ionic gold, 8 essential amino acids, vitamin A esters and

The 15 moisturizing and water-retaining factors in the compound are equal to those in skin care products.

However, it solves the problem of peeling, rough skin, etc. due to the alternating climate of hot and cold, dry environment or dust particles.

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